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157.000 Danes got a VR rocket in the face

Thanks to a virtual reality campaign, The Danish Safety Technology Authority managed to get the number of fireworks injuries down.


Every year, 250 Danes are injured by fireworks during the days leading up to and after New Year’s Eve. Especially young men are in the danger zone, and three out of four fireworks-related injuries happen to men between 15-35 years old. To make matters more complicated, this target audience is extremely difficult to reach with conventional communication about how to safely handle fireworks.

The Danish Safety Technology Authority is working to ensure that the number of injuries does not increase. Therefore, they wanted our help with a campaign that could make young men understand the importance of handling fireworks with great care.


One of our insights was that it is with fireworks security, as it is with bicycle helmets and speed limits. The importance of protecting ourselves is not realized until we have experienced an accident up-close. Therefore, our solution was to expose the young men to a realistic and traumatizing experience of a firework accident. Not in real life though, but in Virtual Reality.

We developed a 360 degree VR movie as the focal point of the campaign. In the film, the young men would experience what could happen if they do not follow safety tips from The Danish Safety Technology Authority.

When the annual sale of fireworks began, the film was posted on The Danish Safety Technology Authority’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Here the young men could watch the dramatic video either with their VR glasses or on their phone.

During the campaign period, we posted a large number of content on Facebook that targeted the young men. Knowing that we communicated to a target group who is usually not interested in safety information, we developed Facebook content that looked like content the target group would normally respond to. We made memes and GIFs, that communicated The Danish Safety Technology Authority’s advices for handling fireworks in a funny and indirect manner.

We also collaborated with influencers, such as a FIFA gamer, a rapper and a youth TV host, that the target audience looks up to. We recorded the influencers’ reactions when they saw the VR movie and posted them on Facebook.

Targeted advertising on Facebook supported all of this and by dividing the target group into additional micro target groups, we ensured the young people were exposed to the exact content that suited them best. And after we got attention from the target group with the funny content, we followed up with tactical and more serious messages about security, which we targeted to those who had already interacted with our Facebook content.

We also made several pop-up events around the country at technical schools and in shopping centers. Here the young men (and women) could watch the VR movie and answer questions regarding fireworks safety. The media were also invited to talk to the young people and pass on the important messages.


The campaign got a lot of attention in the period leading up to New Year’s Eve, and the VR film was seen more than 157,000 times on Facebook.

During the short two-week campaign period, The Danish Safety Technology Authority’s messages reached 843,000 users on Facebook, and the content generated an engagement of 3,997.

In addition to this, the campaign reached a total of 2.1 million people on other platforms such as information screens in buses and trains and through commercials in cinemas.

The campaign also got great media coverage with over 30 press clippings in both national and regional media – including DR and TV2. And just over 1,200 young men tried the VR experience at the many events around the country.

But most importantly, the number of injured persons in the period around New Year’s Eve 2017 fell by 4.9 % compared to the same period in 2016.

A big thanks to our partners at Bifrost Productions and Khora VR for helping with the campaign.



30 Danish media



157.000 views on Facebook
843.000 reached on Facebook
3.997 engaged in the key messages

Virtual Reality


157.000 got the experience in their Facebook feed
1.200 tried the experience on events IRL
2,1 mio. viewed it in buses, trains or cinemas


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