Danes got their allergies under control


Medical company Meda wanted to boost the sales of their newest prescription allergy medicine. There is a lot of competition within the field of allergy treatments, and also different types of medicine, including over the counter medicine. As Meda’s products are prescription only, law dictates that they only market their products to medical personnel, such as general practitioners (GP’s).

This makes GP’s gatekeepers for the product – and also presents an added challenge, as most allergy sufferers do not go to their doctor for help regarding their allergies or symptoms.


Based on preliminary investigations in the market, and following focus group studies with GP’s and allergy patients alike, we were able to gather a substantial amount of marketing activities that altogether presented one clear message: Danish patients do not get optimal treatment for their allergies. The consequences of this include diminished quality of life, unnecessary sick days, and a higher risk of developing asthma. This campaign was therefore able to come forth with one strong call to action: allergy patients, and in particular those getting less than optimal treatment, need to contact their doctors.

The ground work for the campaign included a population survey on allergies among 5,000 representational Danes, where approximately 1,000 of those suffered from allergies. The results garnered served to further confirm the message Meda wanted to advance, and highlight the issue of inadequate allergen treatment.

To bolster the campaign’s call to action, a cooperative effort was set in place with Dr.Med. Ronald Dahl in an online test, where allergy sufferers could discover how well (if at all) their symptoms were being treated. The results of the test would then conclude whether the taker was receiving the recommended optimal treatment, or if they should seek further help from their doctor. Campaign activity included PR activities directed at the broader population segments, as well as PR activities specifically targeting doctors. We also developed a direct marketing kit for GP’s, who received information regarding the campaign via a newsletter, and included an option of obtaining postcards for patients regarding the issue for waiting room areas.

All the information for the doctors was collected on a single landing page on Meda’s website, which is only available to doctors and medical staff. Similarly, all the information for allergy patients and the online test were gathered on a single subsite under Meda’s

Online banner ads targeting either the general population or the doctors supported the traffic regarding the two target specific sites. Cooperation with Radio100 for a week during spring also placed extra focus on the lack of proper allergy treatments, as well as the test available on Furthermore, a series of advertorials regarding insufficient treatment of allergies was printed in Dagens Medicin.





More than 30 media clips, including:
1 radio clip
1 TV clip
Only positive coverage
Total reach of 10 million people


More than 6,000 people completed the online test
The open-rate for the doctors’ newsletter went from 30 to 60 percent.
A total of 10,000 info postcards were distributed nationally


Mathias Holm Pedersen, Partner & Seniorkonsulent
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