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PlayStation’s bloody campaign went worldwide

PlayStation was set to release its new PS4 game Bloodborne in March – a title many fans had been eagerly awaiting. PlayStation, however, wanted to expand their reach to include those who did not know the game in advance, and those players who were maybe less than experienced. As opposed to earlier, when gaming was an exclusively nerdy pastime, it has now become a popular genre within mainstream culture.  This was a historical change PlayStation wanted to make sure people were made aware of, but doing so would take some creative storytelling and untraditional thinking, all to make sure Bloodborne was given wide attention.


Bloodborne’s strongest appeal is to the younger male target group, and it’ss – as the title would suggest – very bloody. We discovered that Denmark suffers from a shortage of young male blood donors – in fact, last year only 38 percent of new donors in the Capital Region were even male.

This resulted in #GivBlodForBloodborne (#GiveBloodForBloodborne): a joint campaign between PlayStation Danmark, and GivBlod (a section of the national blood bank tasked with ensuring there is enough blood for the treatment of planned and acute patients). We encouraged young men to show up at the IT University in Copenhagen on March 23rd, 2015, and either donate blood, or sign up to become a blood donor, and receive a PlayStation game as thanks. The campaign not only focused on PlayStation’s new game, but was also instrumental in highlighting an important issue and getting more men to become blood donors.

Young men are avid users of social media, wherefore the campaign was built around the #GivBlodForBloodborne hashtag, and actively shared on Twitter and Instagram. We also invited different media outlets and bloggers to participate in the event, and to learn more about the untraditional cooperation.




40 Danish mentions
300 foreign mentions



100.000 likes/shares
2.000 # on Twitter



100 donations
525 registered as donors

  • Hundreds of people lined up at the IT University to participate
  • About 100 people donated blood, and 525 registered themselves as donors – a record for any GivBlod event.
  • The campaign was featured in over 40 media outlets in Denmark, including reports on TV2 and DR2 websites.
  • In total, the campaign had a reach of 11,5 million in Denmark.
  • The campaign resonated around the world, and the team-up between PlayStation and GivBlod was referenced in over 300 media outlets, incl. Bild in Germany, the Esquire in the US, and Daily Mirror and BBC in the UK.
  • More than 100,000 people liked or shared #GivBlodForBloodborne on Facebook – the same amount that saw the video on YouTube. Over 2000 people referenced the campaign on Twitter, and the campaign flyer was seen over 1 million times on


Mathias Holm Pedersen, Partner & Senior Consultant
+45 22 93 77 30