We believe that communication is about creating measurable commercial value – regardless of the platform.

We provide our clients with a broad palette of communications services, ranging from a simple press release or social media content to a comprehensive communications strategy or creative event.

We work with almost all industries, including IT and tech, healthcare, food, energy, transportation, tourism and lifestyle.

Regardless of the task, our goal remains the same: to create measurable commercial value for our clients.

Public Affairs

Political decisions can change the framework conditions, under which your company or organisation has to work. Political decisions create not only challenges, but also opportunities. We help you to understand and exert an influence on the regulatory framework that affects your business.

We monitor political developments and provide an overview of the most important stakeholders. We also help you to establish and develop relationships with politicians and civil servants, and to translate your business goals into clear political actions and proposals. We have many years of experience of using proactive communication to get messages across to the decision-makers. Having worked hands-on in political parties, interest groups and public affairs departments in larger companies, our consultants have strong networks and deep insight into political processes.

We are part of the European Public Affairs network Miltton Brussels, which is a Nordic joint venture that helps companies to represent their interests at the EU.

More about how we work with Public Affairs. Contact:

Morten Holm

CEO and partner


Corporate communications

Your company’s reputation is a valuable asset that has to be built and nurtured. Whether you seek to enter a new market, acquire a competitor or publish your latest annual report, we can help you to communicate your messages proactively to the media and stakeholders.

If you are hit by a crisis and find yourself in the middle of a bad media story or a shitstorm on Facebook, we are on hand to help. We have extensive experience of issues management and media training. We can help you to handle the crisis and we can prepare you for the next one.

More about how we work with Corporate Communications. Contact:

Mathias Holm Pedersen

Managing Partner


Market communications

Journalists receive floods of press releases from companies about new products and commercial collaborations every single day. If you want to cut through the noise, you have to know precisely how journalists work and prioritise.

We help companies to get their messages through to the market by creating integrated campaigns and events as well as media and blogger collaborations. Our work builds on a close dialogue with the media and an extensive network of journalists.

In our digital world, the bloggers, YouTubers, tweeps and Instagrammers can often reach more people than even the most famous of the more conventional media outlets. We help you to build meaningful relationships between your company and the new digital influencers.

Digital & Social

We see social platforms as new opportunities for you to enter a dialogue with your target groups. As our client, we will not tell you to get on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Instead, we will help you to select and lay out a strategy for the social platforms that will help you to achieve specific business goals. We see the social media as part of your overall communications strategy.

We help you to develop an overall social and digital strategy for all platforms. We can handle community management on your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and we can produce creative content, which will boost engagement on all the relevant platforms. The social media are an unmatched opportunity for you to listen to consumers, and we offer social media monitoring on an ad hoc basis and as a total dialogue solution.

We partner with some of the leading social media and advertising agencies. With their technical expertise, we can tailor a solution with optimal impact.

More about how we work with Digital Communication. Contact:

Mads Keilberg Johansen

Digital Chef